How can I participate in a @Transmedia_Week event?
Look for an event on Map or the Calendar.
Each event may have different characteristics: free/paid, open/close, etc.
Some events may require a previous registration.

How can I organise a @Transmedia_Week event?
Anyone can organise a @Transmedia_Week event.
Just register and fill in the following form with your event information and it will be uploaded into the platform. Registration is mandatory if you want to upload an event! You can edit your event anytime. Do you have sponsors? You can also add them to your event page.

How can I sponsor @Transmedia_Week event?
@Transmedia_Week is a great opportunity for sponsors wanting to put their organisation and projects into the heart of our community.
To sponsor the global project, please contact
To sponsor a local event, please contact the local organiser.

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