Transmedia storytelling is one of the keywords of the contemporary media ecology. Professionals and researchers have found in this concept a synthesis between the new multiplatform narrative formats and the endless activity of prosumers and fan communities. Transmedia storytelling is not new but now it is visible and spans from fiction to documentary, from anti-globalization to branding narratives. Media production and media research are going transmedia, and we’ll dedicate a week to discuss this transition.


@Transmedia_Week is a global platform of interconnected community events focusing on the cultural, social, political, technological, legal, academic, and commercial issues of transmedia storytelling. It brings together an international network of producers, creators, writers, designers, artists, programmers, researchers, and students spanning 8 sectors:

  • Fiction / Entertainment
  • Information / Journalism / Documentary
  • Education / Media Literacy
  • New audiences / Engagement
  • User-generated contents / Fan communities
  • Political and social storytelling
  • New Business models / Branding strategies
  • Research / Formation


Anyone would be able to propose and host an event anywhere during the @Transmedia_Week. The platform connects a number of global cities through locally hosted meet-ups, conferences, workshops, events, debates, and hackathons. The platform is completely open and community driven.


We’re group of professionals and researchers who are passionate about transmedia storytelling. We come from different countries, institutions and experiences. Self-organization, open access and collaborative culture are the basis of our philosophy and actions.